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True love is need time to test。


Love is always in the tinkering。


Love is an ideal, the will of the fusion。


A man weep not flick, women had a sad tears。


Men love to get married; Women marry for love。


True love is not control, more is not occupy。


With silence to express love, love the most。


Men afraid of contingency is small, women fear a waist。


Man quick laundry figure, women speak clean laundry。


but only for their tolerance, harsh to others。


Men rich go bad, women become bad is rich。


If love him, accept him now, don't fantasy of his change。


Should treat love, because it is not a lifetime with you!


When thinking of you some happiness, happiness some sad。


Love is like clothes, although many, but for only one。


Love is a foreign guest cheerfully, is outside of self。


A woman in love like into nature; Men love like into the basement。


A man afraid of other people say small; The old woman be afraid of others said。


Men sing lyrics singing love, women love to sing the tune when singing。


Girl or try to make yourself better, from the ability to appearance。


Men like to do in the home center of gravity, women like to do at home。


We often ignore those who love us, love those who ignore us。


Man said after work, I always do, the woman do after work, I always say。


Men like to buy books with bookshelf filled with, and then a woman to read them。


Don't for those who are not willing to spend their time on you waste your time。


You want to enjoy happiness, will also have the courage to bear the sadness behind。


Don't because of lonely to love a person, then you will fell more lonely。


That man to talk about the idol of women will be the idol of hidden in the heart。


Love a person not necessarily to have, but have a person must take to love him。


Men drinking after sports to brag, women drinking after sleep silently。


Start is very beautiful, process is very tired, end is very sad, awake is difficult。


Men marry women, sights on face; Women choose men, the idea on the wallet。


Man should do find a he love his wife, a woman should find a love her husband did。


In this world, only the truly happy man, can give women the real happiness。


True love cannot be expressed in words, loyalty behaviour is the best explanation。


Men like to boast about his brave pursuit; Women like to boast about her reason to reject。


Men lovers will have a sense of accomplishment, women lovers there will be a kind of guilt。


God created man to make him lonely, and create a woman is to make him more lonely。


Men earn money after want to divorce his wife; Man can't make money wife want to divorce him。


Time and memory, memory is delivered to nothingness, began to be without beginning or end。


True love a person, you will care about all her, she is not happy, you will also be unhappy。


Man test method is to run away; The woman the test man's way is a lateness for an appointment。


Women kiss men is a kind of happiness; A man kisses his woman he thinks "the luck to eat STH delicious。


Beautiful woman let a man lose the desire; Too rich men make women lack of sense of security。


After falling in love with a person easily, such as flat, also stick to the promise, is not easy。


Life is like a ball, your initial steps of the church who may not walk you to the present。


The comfort women often said himself badly; When a man to comfort often sad said another man。


When men in bloom, looking forward to the results; Women are thought of fallen leaves in the flower season。


Don't let yourself cry, you laugh, the world laugh。 You cry, the world only you a person in tears。


If a person all the life interest based on that stormy emotional love, that is disappointing。


If does not love his parents, comrades and friends, he will never love the woman he selected for his wife。


Love is sweet and bitter。 Two people to drink, is dew; Three people drink vinegar; Casually drinks to poisoning。


Successful man, there is a woman behind the support; Behind successful woman, there is a pile of man's support。


I love you, not because you is a how of person, but because of who I am with you, I became how to myself。


A man for drink with you hand in your this friend, woman together by hand in you the friend invite you to drink。


Did meet, used to love, once in each other's life light, just remember that good, that is sweet。 Although no and no。


In language, women like a funnel, and men like a container; In life, the man is like a funnel, and women like a container。


Origin edge, edge thick edge light, not we can control, we can do, is thoroughly cherish when karma that short time。


A woman can bear a bad marriage, cannot tolerate unhappy love; Men can stand adversity of love, can't put up with a bad marriage。


Mixed with false love, just like alcohol wine in ooze water。 Open into the sun flower is beautiful, with the revolutionary ideals to sweet love。


Love is not subject to restriction; Once the system to the Yin wei shi, god will wings fly away; Love and the other gods, is also free。


A unacceptable love needs no sorrow, but time, a forgotten time。 A was deeply hurt my heart, need is not sympathy, but understand。


Women beautiful faces, is the "magic potion" to men threw themselves; The man's sweet words, is to make the women in the "killer app" the arms。


Love is everlasting long out of the lighthouse, it set clear looking at the storm is not upright to move, love is life in its fulness like the cup with its wine。


Love this is the sand of the sea, only you intentions to caress it, with tears and efforts to nourish it, let it indulge in heart to become a single crystal。


Love, for marriage, is very heavy。 I want to get married, don't need too much love, so long as appropriate。 This right, it is right to get married。


Don't to loneliness to love, time is a devil, over time, if you are a passionate person, even if don't love each other, and also can produce feelings, finally what would you do?


Men get love way is to strike quickly, embrace love flame in the combustion of; The woman acquire the method of love to be to slow-movingly permeate, then taste love in the equanimity of fragrant。


Men are like peaches, appearance is very soft, it is very hard, want to eat slow slow bite; A woman is like eggs, shell is very hard, very soft inside, to should take put down gently。


Love is not a HuaYin of sweetness, not in the peach garden honey language, not light cotton tears, more is not hardcore forced, love is built on the basis of a common language。


If you really love a person, even if in time and space, has changed the appearance, you can recognize that familiar from the ten million people's soul, and then again in love with him。


Life at least one time that forget yourself for someone, don't beg a result, no company, no ownership, even don't beg you love me。 Just ask for meeting you in my most beautiful years。


Man mercilessly first lover to be a one-time drink and satisfy the desire after none miserly to throw it away; The first lover woman affectionately as milk, of feed the adult lifetime taste his aftertaste。


One is always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange song, then in a casual moment, you will find that originally scheming want to forget things really so forget。


Always look up and envy the happiness of others, a look back, only to find themselves are being look and envy。 To cherish and perceive their own real happiness。 Don't let your happiness, but in others' eyes。


Love is a radiant, want to heart do better and better, because of each other's eyes, as if the whole body with lubricating oil, enough wind-up, what all don't feel tired, what all want to do perfect。


If you don't remember you for love and make a the most silly thing, you are not really love; If you never pour to talk about the benefits of your lover, impatient, listen to the people you are not really in love before。


Has a crush on one of the greatest behavior, it is done, you don't love me, but I carry you。 Real unrequited love is a kind of business, not for him to stay away from you and give up, no such sentiment, don't trust unrequited love。


I love and used to keeping a distance with changes, so will know what will not be abandoned by time。 Love a person, for example, is full of surprises, so I take a step back, quiet looking at, until I see the true feelings。


Love is like bank deposit a sum of money, can appreciate each other's strengths, as supplementary income; Tolerate each other's faults, it is spending restraint。 Is the so-called eternal love, from love to white hair, from love to the flowers flower residue。


Two people who love each other together is a kind of happiness, happiness。 Because it is not easy so we should be more to cherish, when I don't want to lose to know。 Also, love needs tolerance, love each other, their heart is the most warm each other。


Many people, because of loneliness and wrong loves a person, but more people, because wrong loves a person, and lonely life。 We can love each other, but doomed not be together。 Not enough I love you, but I'm not sure that this love, is the most correct。


The most romantic thing is often the most boring thing。 A bird can't be in the same tree stay too long, or the birds on the tree is a kind of burden, always want to see another sky, the birds and the trees are reluctant to face the same scenery every day。